You’ve every right to your opinion. This wasn’t intended to be a “brag,” rather than a statement of independence from conventional wisdom. I find it fascinating how folks choose to interpret others’ writing. To some, a woman who lays claim to her own real estate based on accomplishments is a brag. A man who does the same, most especially for a Certain Generation, is simply stating a truth. For that generation, “good girls don’t brag.” I beg to differ. Owning what you’ve been able to accomplish isn’t bragging. If you’ve done it, by definition it’s not bragging, with all due respect. I am deeply motivated by those who go out and do, rather than use whatever happened to them as excuses to not do. Of course we all have different challenges. I have my own fair share, about which I write quite a bit. Those challenges are hugely useful to develop strength of character, determination, and as ways to experience ourselves in extreme conditions. Or, we can bank on them as ways to avoid trying, pushing ourselves and achieving. It depends on the person.

My muse, Beryl Markham, was unapologetic about her considerable accomplishments. Beautiful, smart, talented, capable, Africa’s first female bush pilot, the first pilot of either sex to fly from Europe to the Americas (AGAINST the wind, unlike Lindberg), she was roundly vilified for who she was. Not much has changed. Women in particular are demonized for claiming their accomplishments, and many in society, most especially certain men, feel it’s untoward or inappropriate. Well, with respect, that’s not only exceedingly dated, it’s an insult to those women who have earned the right to be proud of what they’ve done. That goes for Diana Nyad and Jane Goodall and every other everyday woman who has pushed herself hard and earned the right to be proud and pleased. That ain’t bragging.

All I know is that if I read something someone has written and it offends me in some way, that has little to nothing to do with that author, and everything to do with whatever I have inside me that needs thoughtful inspection. I’m usually resisting something, or angry about something, or fearful about something. The article simply throws it in my face. Rather than go after that author, I go after myself. But that’s me, sir. Besides the article spends a lot of time writing about other people rather than just myself.

I can only offer this: I appreciate that you have a take. The value of reading other’s journeys is that they offer insight, options, and different ways of being. You don’t have to agree, like or support any of it. However, if it hits you as bragging, that’s a very intriguing statement about something going on inside you. When that comes up for me, and all I can embrace is how I deal with such things, I get a superb chance to face my own failings in the mirror and ask what I want to do about it. I wish you the very best.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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