You might have missed the larger point. It doesn’t matter what new world we are in, Chrissie, we still have to be clear what value we bring to whomever that “customer” may be. We will perhaps still have massive supply chains, maybe not. We will still need small business, we still need some kind of system. Even if that’s a barter system. I don’t have a crystal ball. Nobody does, including you. I wouldn’t make any such assumptions about the future. You and I have the challenge to figure out what we have that is of value, how we can express it, so that we can earn some kind of a living. That doesn’t go away. There is nothing in this piece that states outright or assumes things will go back to normal. I only refer to what experience I have, which is what I know. And, Chrissie, as I promised in earlier articles I am DONE writing and reading about the C-word. If you wish to, please be my guest. I am focusing on other topics where I have expertise. There is nothing in this article that mentions or even hints at the C-word.

Kindly do not put words or meanings into my article that first, are not there; second, please kindly have the good manners to ask me what I mean before you make such sweeping assumptions. I am no happier than most caring people are about the state of the world and its resources. I have been to 45 countries, most of them Developing, very at risk, and with respect, Chrissie, I AM LOSING FAMILY ALL OVER THE WORLD. I am glad you have a daughter, and I am glad she’s passionate about the world’s resources. Kindly, SO AM I. Which is why I have bequeathed half my estate to the Safina Center, where I consider the founder a bit more than an acquaintance.

Please do me the courtesy of asking me to clarify if you are troubled by something I write. I will respond in kind and take the time to explain. I also may well change what I wrote if it makes sense, but not with a salvo like this. Otherwise Chrissie, I may not be the writer for you. I certainly respect that. You do not know my mind or my intentions any more than I can possibly know yourself. Please be Safe and be Well. Let’s kindly respect diversity, including of topics and ideas, as Dr Mehmet Yildiz has asked us to.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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