You made my night, Caitlin. I am sitting in a lovely open restaurant in Ubud, central Bali. My right arm is a nonstop shriek of agony ( rotator cuff tear, two riding accidents, but I went kayaking in a cobalt blue crater lake because I got tired of not being able to snorkel). Three nights ago on top of our two-masted sailing ship, I was sleeping on the deck, woke up at 3 am as usual. Stripped naked and stood in the wind and the spume and the brilliant full moonlight. Right above where the captain was manning the ship. Well, dammit, I was “girling” the ship! Then I scampered to the top of the aft mast ladder and gave new meaning to the words “letting it all hang out.” Full story to come, my iPad keyboard died,but this one is for YOU. Never back down from life. If a 65 year old broad can do this Caitlin, so can you. This was nuthin. Never ever let fear take away your birthright to a life lived out loud. No regrets. Bruises, bumps, scars, damn right. But no regrets. The price we pay for an extraordinary life feels high sometimes. But when you hit a hundred, what a life, baby, what a life. Don’t get there with “I wish I had only.” Better, “Damn, man. That hurt. But it sure was fun.”

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