You got it HG. This is the same stupidity that makes a supremely talented female climber cry in the boutique dressing room. Due to her sport, she has big strong upper body muscles, lats and biceps. Tiny hips. So, a size twelve upper body and a size 2 butt. Precisely what makes her a superb climber. However, in the dressing room, nothing fits and she feels like a freak. On one hand (and I spend a fair bit of time researching and passing along this kind of data to women in sports online) I see a great many of us making demands for clothing that fits US, our curves, and our strong bodies no matter how big. REI is at least attending as are a few others, who have noted that more than just a few women happen to be athletic and competent but not a mode who in most cases couldn’t do what the rest of us do anyway. A diet of cigarettes and scotch in order to stay uber skinny isn’t exactly going to prepare them for a game of hockey, is it?

Yah. It’s stupid. My BF is much younger as well, and he could care less about my wrinkles. What he does care about is a combination of my brains, my accomplishments, my commitment to personal responsibility, and my lifetime commitment to fitness which is a big piece of what we share.

Back when I was riding my bike some thirty miles a day I got this huge set of thighs and a sweet sweep. I lost that after a major accident sidelined me and am working on rebuilding. I love that kind of strength, and so does the BF. Keep this in mind, HG, the simple fact is that for some guys, and I find this particularly true of men of a Certain Age, that women who have the nerve to pee on their bushes have targets on their backs. Witness the sexual harassment which happens in every single sport which has traditionally been male dominated, and in which women are now performing as well as or better than men (endurance, cycling, running, I could go on and on). Those who achieve in areas where men feel deeply threatened, such as where women are now sending climbs all over the world that VERY few people have ever done, have to be prepared to be trolled constantly. When they do achieve these landmarks, the itty bitty penises will complain that their claims were unsubstantiated. They don’t do that with the men. Only the women. What a shame that achievement can’t just be celebrated as such, rather than seen as an attack on manhood. The racing industry is now going after a superbly talented woman whose naturally occurring testosterone levels- which she was born with, thank you very much- make her ineligible to compete. That’s gender politics. That’s harrassment. That’s extreme, and very typical. How dare we rise. Well, we always have, always will.

Good men, truly good men, aren’t in the least bit threatened by high achievers no matter who they are. Neither are truly good women. There are plenty of naysayers among women who are threatened or put off by other women who have achieved. All we have to do is look at the viciousness aimed at the Williams sisters in tennis by other female tennis players, specifically about their bodies. Really? Is that the best you can do? You get your ass handed to you on a platter and rather than admit defeat graciously you go after your opponent’s body type?

It’s a widespread infection. There is no perfect body type. Period. There is only what we were born with and what we do with it. When we get strong we change. And the strongest of men change right along beside us. Those are the keepers- right through the wrinkles, the inevitable aging process, all of it. And may there be many, many more of those men.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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