With respect, Wingfield, it has nothing to do with the color of the item. You ARE mansplaining, and I will give you credit for noticing that you are doing just that. The term PINK TAX has nothing to do with the color. It has to do with additional cost because it’s made for a woman. This is what it means:

I am not dunning you for not knowing. I am offering the information for your consumption. I am going to make what I hope is a fair assumption that you are open to learning. As a female consumer, and as a female consumer who buys an awful lot of things in the epic adventure space, I can guarantee you that the difference between what I pay as a female consumer for clothing and gear designed for a woman’s body and what is made for men can sometimes be considerable.

THAT is a pink tax. With respect, most people know nothing about it but pay it anyway. It’s not a speciality item. Not at all. These are everything from clothing to dry cleaning. So no. Not specialty. EVERYTHING is subject to the “pink tax.”

Not womansplaining either. The attached article lists the facts. I would have preferred that you had done the research above before you made your comment, which, if you are an “aspiring writer,” you’re going to be responsible for if you indeed wish to think of yourself as a writer. I say this kindly, as a prize winning writer. I do my research.

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