With all due respect,. As number of us who have spent three years or so on this platform had our followers trashed by 95% and our earnings trashed even more. So while I understand your point, it's mildly uninformed. Along with other expert writers, and yes I am one given that I have two prize winning books out and am a prize winning journalist, when a platform eviscerates its best writers and punishes them for producing and succeeding, this is NOT the platform for pros. Many are moving our primary work elsewhere. Stuff will still show up here, but if you invested years here, you wasted your time. I went from $2600 a month to barely $400 a month yet I had more eyeballs on my work than ever before. Medium changed the algorithm, they screwed up the follow button, and this is based on a slew of comments I've collected. So please be careful what you promise writers. This is not a user-friendly platform. Success got punished in quite a number of ways. Newsbreak is cherry picking us off Medium, and we are leaving for greener pastures.

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