Which is the only safe place to do it. I don’t know your history, but we seem to share some pretty important pieces. A few years ago I went on an important similar journey for which the superb book A Mind of Her Own was a critical resource. I am now med-free, and also, the suicidal thoughts are GONE. Doesn’t mean it will work for everyone but it might be useful. We have a tsunami wave of women being diagnosed with mental illness to which I have to say….BULLSHIT. I am on yet another journey to deal with the pain that being in perpetual anxiety dealt me (military rape). That book is Unlearn Your Pain but Dr. Howard Schubiner. That book argues, and I would tend to agree based on what I’ve read so far, is a lot of what we carry is based on that anxiety. I’ll be interested to see what the good doctor recommends (and it’s NOT pills or procedures). For what it’s worth. I am not saying it applies to you. It’s just a resource. For those of us who carry a bit of a burden that can cost, it might be worth a look.

Love your articles.

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