What generation, what person isn’t sensitive to criticism, John? and how on earth can anyone make such a generalization that sweeps a massive group of people into rich and powerful, when that kind of simplistic thing undermines the intelligence of the rest of this piece? I could say here that ALL Millennials are lazy. ALL Z gens are addicted to their devices. ALL…you get the point. That’s a cheap shot. You’re a better writer than that. As a Boomer and a veteran, not only do I scrape by on my disability income, but this comment completely disregards the reality of Boomers of color. Kindly, John, if you want to keep folks engaged, please consider moderating such broad brush and unfair generalizations with some stats, and more balance. Otherwise it comes across as thoughtless hyperbole and that detracts from this important and thoughtful piece. I don’t agree with large chunks of it but that’s not your problem. It’s not mine to tell you what to write. I can only suggest. I like provocative pieces but not when pockmarked with this kind of pothole.

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