What a novel idea. It’s remarkable to me, Kitty, that nearly every religious text teaches this. Some of the world’s worst offenders are those who claim to hold to these ideals. It is beyond my ken that billions who say they are believers can’t find it within themselves to actually be practitioners. People can go to church (whose only purpose for many is to compare clothing), walk outside church and promptly spit on someone of color. Don’t. Get. Me. Started. It goes so far beyond just gender. It’s every aspect of our collective humanity. We seem to hate ourselves so much that we are inconstant need of a whipping boy- anyone, male, female, white, Black, LGBT, pick your target. Anything other than to clean up the mess within. Like so many of us are walking cauldrons and we like to tip it off on others every once in a while to get relief. But then, to recognize that would mean we might have to invest in some deep personal work. Again, what a novel idea.

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