Well, simple truth, Tim I love this whole article but this sentence really nails it. I did a piece a while back on Linked In about the doubtful term “thought leader” which is just as bad. Those people who are ever so influenced by their own influential status are so (as you so correctly state here) full of shit largely because of their self inflation that they are useless. The people who move me the most tend to be deeply humble, shy away from the spotlight, and are achingly aware that their shit stinks. What I think I appreciate so much about this piece is that it’s such a lovely smack in the face about our insecurities,\. That along with our addiction to needing to be someone special via metrics or analytics rather than do the truly hard, slogging work of earning respect among those whose lives we really do touch- people who know the smell of our shit, in other words, but who love us, respect us, listen to us and follow us anyway. Now THAT is a real influencer. Thoughtful and provocative and intelligent. Thanks so much.

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