Well, Lisa, how unfortunate for you that such an article clearly makes you so angry. The world is FULL of blanket recommendations, and you can choose not to read them, not to do them, as you wish. That is your choice. I am simply passing along those which any solid bit of research will validate is damned good advice for all of us at any age. I didn’t say that I never saw a doctor (of course I do) nor that I never needed meds (of course I do on occasion, given that I have migraines). With respect, Lisa, you don’t get to put words in my mouth or my articles simply because you either don’t agree, or that doesn’t happen to fit your snapshot of life, or your personal experience. There are four basic pillars for healthy aging: good friends, good for (for your body) good exercise (for your body) and a purpose. You don’t have to agree with a single thing I write, or that anyone else writes, Lisa. But you add no value whatsoever with a snide, sarcastic comment that is not only grossly untrue, but does nothing more than demonstrate how angry you appear to be. I am genuinely sorry that you are ill. This article wasn’t directed at those who are dealing with a major illness. It was a very general piece about healthy aging. That is your journey and yours alone.

I have people in my life battling cancer and yet they still exercise, eat well, go out kayaking, climb mountains, and do every single thing they can to have a full life. They may lose that battle. But in every single way they suck the very marrow out of the minutes that are given to them.

If you have an issue with what I write, you can demonstrate gracious manners and PM me, and I will read and respect your comments, and respond in kind. This isn’t what you chose to do. That’s unfortunate. This is the kind of knee-jerk response that has caused most of us Medium writers to get off Facebook. Don’t agree? Don’t read my stuff. Or you can offer links, research and opposing viewpoints which I will read, and I will honor. Or simply move on with a modicum of maturity, and eschew the compulsion to do damage to someone you do not know, and who means you no harm whatsoever. Medium is designed for gracious exchange, debate and ideas. If you simply cannot control the compulsion to throw insults at people’s material because you don’t agree, then I might refer you back to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets where such behavior flourishes. We have enough of this already. You and I are either adding value or sucking energy from the world. We suck energy when we insult. That is your choice. As it is mine to further block you from reading my material, because with all due respect, Lisa, I would prefer not to have that kind of exchange in world. Life is too short, and I like having people who see what is possible within it. Best wishes to you.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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