Well Forrest, you certainly made my day and thank you.

Lots of wisdom in your rejoinder here. I love your comment, “ I care who they belong to.” The current BF, who at 49 looks about 35 (sometimes I just hate him but there ya go), is a great deal more interested in how hard I’m willing to work on myself than how many wrinkles I’ve sprouted lately. He enjoys the fact that I have a poo-load of funny stories and a lot of perspectives which are coming in right handy right now as he deals with some tough work issues. The gift of age is that I’ve been where he currently is, and as a result am hugely useful.

One of your thoughts brings up a term I heard once from a coach: bowing to the Authority of Life. The reason I like this is that it demands that we recognize certain immutable forces, of which the ageing/dying process is an inevitable, law-conformable truth. You bring up a perfectly legitimate question- if we all look young, innocent (and frankly, to a degree clueless, but I digress) then how on earth do we know who to talk to when we need sage advice? I’m certainly not going to turn to an adolescent — okay, okay, unless I need help with my cell phone- for life advice. Give me the wrinkled, the aged, the seasoned. Without them we are lost. When we try to beat the aging process we’re trying to be the Almighty, whatever that may be. If we do, we condemn our already-overcrowded earth to vastly more issues because people also continue to breed. What then?

We NEED to die. Dying is a part life, aging the price we pay for the right to experience that life, and finding a way to do it well, with humor and a youthful spirit (if not body) is part of our journey. Thanks so very much.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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