Well, A.N. I know a lot of retired folks who are in excellent shape, and none of them spends eight hours a day in the gym. I recognize you’re exaggerating to make a point, but this is a little extreme. Nobody I know works out that much, including Olympic athletes. I wonder what is making you so angry? I went back over my article to try to find what on earth could have irritated you enough to make such a comment. Can’t find it. But I’m not you. So I’m left trying to understand why you would exaggerate to that extreme, and why you’re angry, for it certainly appears that you are. I don’t know that but when someone uses such an example as you have, something struck a nerve. I’m not the author of that, A.Non.

I am an athlete, I write for and about people who make different choices, and who want options later in life. If that isn’t for you, then I am not sure why you bother to read my material if what I write offends or bothers you. My stuff isn’t for everyone. While I value having you read and comment, I do not in any way wish for that to cause you anger or offense. That’s out of my control, but by the same token, is such a strong reaction really necessary? It’s not going to change what I think or write about. I’m going to keep right on writing about these things, because they reflect my value set.

To the implied question:

Most of us who body build spend one or two hours several times a week. We typically also do cardio. If we’re in training for something, as with a major event, we train more. But we rest like everyone else. Sometimes more. Those who compete, which is a very small percentage, spend more time. But like with anything else, A. Non, any kind of extremity leads to injury. The folks I write about are not only smarter than that, they have pretty balanced lives. Physical vibrancy allows all of us to have options. That’s the whole point.

Whatever life you live is yours, and works however it works for you. I write about people who live in a way that I happen to both respect and admire. You don’t have to, nor does anyone else. Plenty do. That’s my audience. The article you reacted to is two years old. I’ve shifted in slightly different directions since then but my messages are the same.

My guess is that there are probably Medium writers for whom you have a greater affinity. I’ve always valued your input, have always appreciated it when you read and clap. But this comment neither adds value nor does it engender particularly thoughtful exchange. This a thoughtful and respectful response to your comment.

I’d like to keep things that way. I wish you in every way more pleasant reading on Medium.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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