We have a great addiction as a race, Michael, and that’s the need to be right. And the challenge as you present it is that we can piss and moan and blame each other, effectively pointing fingers at different groups on the deck of the Titantic while the ship sinks below us. Ultimately it makes no different the why or whether we agree on the reasons. The facts are undeniable. Last weeks’ Chicago Fire episode (one of the few TV shows I watch) featured an FBI stakeout in Firehouse 51. At one point, the FBI leader was complaining about the situation they were in and how bad it was. Chief Boden called him on it, not unkindly, and suggested they start looking for solutions rather than complaining. The FBI chief, rather than put chest out and get pissy, nodded. Point taken. They found a plan. So can we all when we can acknowledge the realities vs the reasons and start looking for realistic solutions rather than shoring up million dollar mansions on the Outer Bank where they don’t belong, putting up seawalls which in a few years will be turning into coral reefs, and paying off the rebuilding costs for the rich on the coasts of Florida and elsewhere increasingly powerful hurricanes blast them to smithereens. As a one time Floridian, I feel for those folks, but there are some extremely harsh realities we all have to face. That’s true for many of the mini mansions built in high fire danger areas in Colorado high country. Nature does not care about you. She’s changing, and it’s our job to adapt to that change. Arguments waste time and our precious future. That includes the future of all our wildlife, whose homes we are slashing and burning at an appalling rates, if not killing off for the sheer sport. Nature gets very blunt at times. Change or die. Whether we like it or not or whether we agree on the whys are not relevant.

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