Wanna write an intriguing profile? Start with this, Toni. Most profiles are deadly boring, because we don’t share what’s most intriguing about us. This tells me you’ve got guts, gumption and are one hell of a woman. The profile that got my guy’s attention mentioned that I’d gone diving with Great Whites in South Africa. Yup. I complimented him on his tree trunks for legs. We both put up accurate, up to date photos, we told the truth, and we also made jokes about ourselves. Then when we met at Outback it was like HOLY SHIT. It’s not about attracting a crowd. It’s about being patient enough to attract the one worth working hard to earn. I got tens of thousands of views from guys in duck billed hats holding dead fish. Please laugh. It IS funny. And yes, there are gems out there.

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