Two things: any time you juice anything, be it oranges or celery, you effectively fuck up the natural fiber which is likely the most beneficial part of the vegetable or fruit. Look this up, not making up facts as Igo along, as Paltrow seems to do and everyone else who stands to benefit on the knee jerk stupidity of the masses who believe celebrity stupidity. Not that I have an opinion or anything.

Bone broth? At the risk of pissing off all the bone broth enthusiasts, more expensive (monumentally so) hyped bullshit.

Eat what you are hungry for, Amanda. Your body, not your tongue. What does your GUT tell you that your body needs? It might be salt, or an apple, or a big fat juicy steak. Your body is so very eloquent. What we do is overwhelm our common sense and eat shit we hate because some moron on television (Dr. OZ anyone?) tells us that acai berries will take fifty years off your face and rub your balls for you while cleaning the toilet.

Bullswallop. All of it. Every single bit. Period full stop.

Good whole foods ( and for me I don’t include bread here for many reasons) rich in fiber ARE good for you.Your job, should you wish to take it, is to spend the rest of your days experimenting, playing, learning about your unique body, what it likes, needs and thrives upon, what foods work, which don’t, how the turning of a decade shifts things inside you based on pregancy or not, or illness or not, or injury or not, etcetera. This is a lifelong journey of love and respect, not one of torture, which is precisely what you describe in your piece. I hardly believe you would force a child to eat that shit. That said, why on earth do that to yourself?

Your bigger job is to stop listening to the bullshit. People make money off our ignorance. Do some real research and that means canning the calculated crap from Internet Influencers who are lying shills. Am I a cynic? Goddamned right. People are paid to push product. Whether said product works for Amanda or Julia matters not a whit to them. The money does. And we are stupid enough to leap on the bandwagon until the wheels fall off, then stand by the goddamned roadside until another dimwit Influencer comes by, and leap on their bullshit bandwagon.

As long as there are fools out there with their thumbs out and holding their wallets open, we will have Stupid Diet Advice. Stupid Supplement advice.

Eat smart for your body. Take the time to find out what that means. Take the fish hook out of your cheek and do the real work of discovering what ONLY yo can find out: what works for you.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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