To your point, Dr. T. here you go:

There is no question that diversity adds value. However, diversity in and of itself may not be the point, but a thoughtful consideration of diverse individuals, rather than minorities/women/disabled/vets et al just for the sake of it, can make all the difference. That kind of imposed diversity doesn’t lead to the real value questions which is whether this individual (Indian female, PhD, twenty years in HR, for example) is exactly the kind of counterpoint opinion we need for this particular team, as opposed to this individual (Black male, MBA, fifteen years in tech and Silicon Valley startups). To your excellent point in this piece, we still don’t yet have the singular ability to explore the dense richness of the individual, consider what that unique person has to offer, and how that person can add particular value. Our metrics are ancient.

This past Labor Day, NPR did a number of programs on work- what it is, how we measure it, what’s changing, and whether the eight hour day and the way we currently work is even relevant any more. Thoughtful and provocative. And I think very much relevant for our times.

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