To this, Terri, did you happen to catch this from The Atlantic this morning? You might just feel pretty vindicated:

I understand your sentiments. However I would suggest this: the apologists for Trump, who are so embarrassingly off the rails, to my mind and long impression are hardly likely to wake up at some point and realize much of anything. Given the last few years, if anything they’ve shown remarkable resilience against any and all proof. My fave? All those bankrupted farmers who keep saying that it’s all for the good as their farmer buddies commit suicide and all their family livelihood is gone, sold off and ruined forever. You cannot deal with that level of denial. If folks had courage, they might be able to admit they made a really stupid choice. But this level of sub-intelligence even on the part of otherwise smart people engenders yet more denial, more excuses, for to admit that Trump was a fuckup when they are too closely aligned with this malignant pig is to own their own shit. Asking a bit much, but I hope I’m wrong.

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