To this: mine began more than forty years ago, and I get up to twenty a month. It’s uniquely difficult to express to a non-sufferer what they are like. This morning I woke up to the freight train that had already begun in my left frontal lobe. I am fortunate that Imitrex shots work, but I have to use so many that I make myself a potential stroke victim. That said, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing like the sweet feeling of NO MIGRAINE, after one had already risen to full strength. It is impossible to describe the intense gratitude we feel every day that we do not have one. Like you I’ve tried the full drug spectrum with sometimes brutal side effects. Still, I live a very full life, but I can’t travel without a huge supply of shots. If nothing else, it has taught me to treasure every waking moment that I have which is pain-free.

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