To this I might add that the more you know, the more you realize that you don’t know shit about anything, and frankly never will. The realization of just how vast everything is, how miniscule we are, and how little we matter in the Universal sense is both humbling and immensely freeing. The other piece I’d add is stop taking everything so seriously. Shit happens. It’s just life. Find your funny and watch what happens when you learn to laugh at stuff that kneecaps everyone else. This from a 65-year old adventure traveler, among other things. What ages you the fastest is being convinced that everything is so important, and being terrified of getting old. You will. Get over it. One day you wake up and holy crap, you’re fifty. People forget to LIVE while they’re alive, constantly worrying about getting old. Nothing is worth wasting life worrying about the inevitable. Make friends, love, laugh, put the damned phone down and go explore. It’s all over way too fast.

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