Thoughtful and intelligent. While I was delivering a training during yesterday’s hearings, on my long drive home I was able to hear the lowlights and the assessments. I was also raped some forty years ago by a fine, upstanding, Republican officer and a so-called gentleman. It also took decades for me to speak out. The unspeakable behavior that pervades the elitist boys’ club (well, boys will be boys, BULLSHIT) and Kavanaugh’s abject refusal to own up to his own slimy behavior simply underscore how Trump is simply hoping to infect the court with his own STDs. Those Republicans who want SO badly for Kavanaugh to sit on the highest court- a man whose ugliness, bitterness, viciousness and dishonesty clearly disqualify him to even be a judge in the first place and hardly a Supreme Court judge- speaks volumes about the party itself.

Lindsay Graham, once a pretender to the throne (and I use this term with good reason), showed his true colors for precisely the arrogant, self-important woman hater that he is. This is who wants to run the country? These pig sty dictators? These take what you want from any woman as long as it’s not my virginal daughter?

Brett Kavanaugh, a virgin in high school. Please. This, along with how we are supposed to believe that the Catholic Church is without sin. Please.

The Republican Party- and let’s be clear, they are hardly alone- desperately does not wish to be held accountable for what it has done to women. Stripped us of our rights to our own bodies, protected their boys’ club from prosecution for sexual assault, abuse and outright rape, and perpetuated the poverty, lack of education and access to proper healthcare for women, most particularly minority women in this country. They are terrified of what we might do. Gentlemen you have damned good reason to be. We are coming this November and we vote.

All the good men I know — and thank God there are plenty of them — are deeply offended by these monumental cretins. My BF said last night that he was personally outraged by the very notion that raping, or attempting a rape, in high school was perfectly acceptable behavior. Not for decent, well-brought-up men with manners. Morals. A sense of dignity. Some of these men used to vote Republican. Not any more. These bottom dwellers don’t represent the real men in our society. Those men don’t rape, then lie about it, and gather to hide behind the apron strings of their wives and daughters and weep in public when they get caught.

So, if nothing else, these hearings, and the rush this weekend to get this slimebag on the court may well hand the Dems the election. Thank you. Indeed. THANK YOU. You have shown the country once again how low you’re willing to go. We put a rapist in the White House. That rapist wants a rapist on the Supreme Court. The rapist in the White House wants a rapist judge to make him immune to prosecution for his own rapes, abuses and crimes against women, the American people, and the Constitution. It’s about. That. Simple.

America, just exactly what is it going to take for you to draw the line somewhere? We just keep erasing moral boundaries and making just about anything acceptable. And yet we go after other countries about their civil rights records? Really Honestly?

We are deeply diseased within. Rotten to the core. The Republican Party, which used to have fine upstanding members we could look up to, is lined with liars, lowlifes and legions of smug repeat offenders who band together with the boys to protect their rights to rape anyone they want and then reap the benefits of being in high office, create laws that protect offenders, and remove women’s rights to protect ourselves from people like THEM.

Unfortunately, Dems have their own slime bags to be embarrassed about. Which is one reason that the tremendous increase in women running for office in the midterms is About. Damned. Time.

While we are hardly there yet, it’s my thought that Kavanaugh, and this joke that is the hearing process, did a fine job of ripping back the skin on the sickness that pervades our political system: the smugness and self-righteousness and wholesale hate of women that is a monumental stain on our country. If this is the beginning of the end, let’s have it. We have seen you as you are gentlemen and your enabling female co-conspirators.

Yesterday was a fine look at the evil that we have elected. This is our so-called leadership. We should be universally appalled. The rest of the educated world most certainly is. We are an international embarrassment.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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