This is just WAY too mature a response. Shannon! Shame on you for suggesting we might be adult enough to just. Let. It. GO. Already. 😆. Okay okay. Wishful thinking aside… good news is that after producing something close to 2600 articles since April 18, the percentage of trolls is remarkably low. That’s good. The other piece is that some comments go directly against Medium’s guidelines. Report 'em. That helps clean things up. However, and let’s be adult here, too- that doesn’t mean report a comment just because the reader disagrees. That’s their sacred right, as it is yours and mine. Rather, when people are out to do harm, eviscerate us for having a POV, that’s not polite discourse. I have had many a conversation on here with folks whose philosophy is very different, and with whom I strongly disagree. Yet we were able to share ideas without rancor. That’s polite discourse. We both learn, and with a bit of luck and Grace we can come away with a respectful appreciation for their ideas. Don’t have to agree, just respect. That’s a great outcome. But those who, like one Medium writer did, say things like “a dog wouldn’t fuck you, you fat old pig, “ kindly, I have difficulty understanding how that sewer dweller belongs on Medium. So I reported him. As should we all.

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