This is an essential part of our physical journey. I was once obese (which in many ways also states that my body was in a constant state of inflammation because of what I chose to eat). Recently I indulged in pizza. I know better. And boy did my poor aging (I’m 67) body and I have a lively conversation, which has now continued for two days. Not a mistake I’ll make again. I love certain foods, they do not love me back. It’s not just a matter of what my tongue likes. It’s far more so these days a matter of what poisons me, and as I age, I have no business putting poison into an aging body. I may be active but that does not justify poor choices. At this point, too, Michelle, with obesity being a prime indicator for Covid deaths, not only do we dance on the outside edges of hurting ourselves, we also risk early death, if we don’t learn to focus on functional fitness vs. thin. Thin is meaningless. Good VO2 and a healthy heart and a solid immune system are the best buttresses, not the size of our butts. A grossly anorexic woman (been there) has damaged her health, I might think, as seriously as an obese one. But a larger person who is fit regardless of body size- has a fighting chance to fight this virus.

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