This is a very powerful point, Zach. My best girlfriend just had a hip replacement which not only made her even on both sides but now she’s several inches taller. There’s an excellent argument for walking pounds off, but at the same time, with your unique situation, it really pays to see if some kind of orthotic or corrective device will solve — or ameliorate the problem. I applaud your commitment to reclaim your health on your terms. Now we just have to do it within the given idiosyncratic parameters of our own bodies. I’ve also been heavy and I absolutely relate to the challenge of moving more bulk around. Point is, you’re after it. That’s 90% of the battle. Now, it might make sense, and I hope insurance will cover this for you, to visit either a sports chiro or PT, or both, to see what they can recommend. That’s a serious investment in you. Thanks for your comments and in all things, the very best of luck on your journey.

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