This is a key piece, Anthony. When we — no matter who we are- feel that we aren’t enough, or are less than, that often cascades down in behaviors that do damage. It starts somewhere, often at home. We learn how to manage/rule/dictate through our parents and other bosses. If they were mistreated, then they’re like to pass that along. It takes a lot of deep personal work to first see what we’re doing, understand that it’s destructive, and then begin the long, important journey to clean that up. Each of us is equally deserving of dignity, as you point out- what’s hard is the human addiction to being superior. That’s why so many pull rank- there is implicit permission to do whatever you want when you have power. That’s why it corrupts. All we have to do is look at our current Administration, which effectively legitimizes bad behavior. It’s a cancer, and it has spread. When we have good leadership models, the opposite happens. We uplifted and motivated. We’ve got a long way to go.

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