This is a great book, Vic. Thirty years ago I dumped off eighty pounds and haven’t seen it again since. The hard part about this battle is that maintenance is the monster. People lull themselves into believing that they can always lose the weight again but it gets wicked harder. And as Tara explained, the body wants that fat back. You don’t have a 25 inch waist at 65 without an extraordinary amount of hard work and daily discipline. However I would like to add this .being slimmer or fitter doesn’t solve all life’s ills. Doesn’t make us happy, rich, popular or much of anything else (as you rightly point out it can cost us friends). That’s gained by deep personal work, which will help us discover why we got heavy in the first place. Without that work, we may simply trade overeating for yet another compulsive behavior. I wish I didn’t but boy can I speak from experience. I salute your accomplishment and your advice is spot on.

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