These six words are so full of portents that they actually get to the heart of what so very many of us who have battled eating disorders must look at: our right to exist. Without food, we die. When we starve ourselves, in many ways we are simply committing a very slow suicide. Somewhere buried under all the complex, confusing and terrifying behaviors and compulsions lies something very, very simple. We do not deserve to be fed. This- to my mind at least- is a better explanation for the starving, bingeing, purging and food OCDs that have their hooks in us. Food is love, food is nurturing, food is a celebration of life. It’s an analogy for so many of the other issues that plague us- boyfriends who call us LA LA for Lardass (thanks Jim you first rate ASSHOLE) to parents who berate a child for have genes that remind them of parents who got obese (Thanks Dad). Each of us has a unique story. But I have to wonder if, down beneath all those individual story lines, it isn’t just the simple message about deserving to live. When I healed myself eight years ago, a man that I knew well commented that I “had chosen life.” Just that. Just that. While it may wear millions of faces in how we deal with our food issues, I wonder if it’s not just that simple. I don’t know. Worked for me. Ultimately that’s meaningless. We each have to find what works for us as individuals. Thanks for a great article, Kate.

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