The sickness of this is what well, if Jones said it, and then Smith said it, then of course that makes it true. What crap. It’s as though we cannot possibly go out and validate any claim with first hand experience- which, when we bother to do the real work, we end up finding out that a lot of so-called “truths” aren’t truths at all. As a journalist myself, I have to be clear when I’m writing an opinion piece or reporting on facts. Facts are unshakable and they are researchable. Opinion is as slippery as mercury and just as useful- in a thermometer to test society’s feelings. I have had lousy experiences with some Millennials. I have had just as bad experiences with GenX and Boomers. And of course, because I look for them, I have had superb experiences with all three. My best friend, who is almost 70, is as welcoming to all generations as I am, because she is out in the world and deeply curious. As her mother, who died at 95 a few years back, aged, she reverted to complaining loudly about how her generation had it all right, were so much better. I loved her, but not this aspect of her. These are the lies we tell ourselves. EVERY generation has to deal with the detritus of the previous ones. EVERY generation leaves legacies both good and bad. To demonize any one generation because your precious product or sport or whatever isn’t popular? Forgive me. But GROW. UP. Folks, if they don’t like wine or golf or running or whatever it is that we have to bitch about, find out what they DO like and make it available. And while you’re at it how about we create a living wage, health benefits and other essentials so that they can afford your products? The hate that the wealthy fire at those who struggle isn’t new news. It’s an ageless guilt trip. And I agree, it is class warfare.

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