The rules don’t apply to me.

Don’t. Get. Me. Started.

I have minor symptoms. I am staying in place. THANK GOD I am an athlete, I have plenty of options, and friends who check in. I will be just fine. And there is NO FUCKING WAY I would head out and potentially infect anyone else. I just manhandled a big couch into the living room by myself (and people wonder why I am a bodybuilder still at 67), I moved all my stuff around to accommodate a few days down. Staying in place. If I exercise it will be at 4:30 when nobody will be out around here.

I challenge you, Meg, as a fellow writer, to bookmark this. Because what you bring up here is a trend. It’s been in place a while. I am going to use the phrase “false prophets” but please, I am no Christian and much of religion is personally offensive. However I use the term intentionally.

I am quite sure you get my drift here. In the social media age, such people are parasites (to my mind, and I only speak for myself). When we want people to lift us up as relative deities, then this is the price we pay: there is a very real possibility that this woman will spread death wherever she goes. Be like me. Do what I do. That she feels that it is her right to do so is the same breathtaking arrogance as the 30 yo New Yorker named Katie who tweeted that she had just had a meal at a crowded Red Robin, took her sweet time and it was delicious. She finished that off by saying: I am American. I’ll do whatever I want.

The word bitch slap comes to mind. She may well be among the sick or the dead by now. She may well have spread it herself.

I’m a veteran, Meg. I’ve led men and women. I am trained to think about the needs of others and the larger good.

It’s unfortunate that we vastly misunderstand the difference between free will and personal responsibility. They are inseparable.

Yet we live in a time where people are far more interested in showing off their free will than demonstrating the far more important personal responsibility.

She’s bored? Well poor widdle Naomi.

Kindly, FUCK YOU, Naomi. You’re alive. That’s more than can be said for hundreds of thousands of people, and more in the future who might be ushered to that state through your selfishness. Influencer, my ass.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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