The heart and soul of this, Ryan. Mastery comes with road rage, time, failure, fuckups, falters and supreme effort.

Don’t wanna do that, huh?

Get a job in the mail room. Pays the rent.

I am beyond frustrated with people who want advice about how I get a standing ovation for a speech that took me years to develop, months to practice, and untold thousands in coaching to master. Just as an example.

How I got my sculpted guns at the gym. When I tell them, their face falls. Yah. It’s hard goddamned work. Time, effort, sweat, blood tears and years.

Don’t want to do the work?

Mail room is accepting applications. So are Del Taco and McDonalds and TJ Maxx and everyone else.

Mastery is EARNED. It’s not supposed to be easy. That’s why it’s called mastery.

You don’t read a life hack and suddenly get handed the keys to Universal wisdom.

I liken this (as I did in another article) to the difference between spending the dime to have a helicopter take you to the top of Denali, say. Get your epic Instagram photo.

Or spending the time training, working your ass off and doing the hard, cold, character building slog to the top, if you make. One you earn. The other, you just burned bucks.

But then, hey, that’s just me.

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