The folks who are in the fitness business, to wit, the muscle heads who take steroids and commit themselves to horrific regimes that cost them both their health and in some cases their lives battle for the right to shill these very products. All of it is a lie. As a bit of a muscle head myself, I have never taken any of this stuff, and if anything eschew most supplements. Health is so very simple, as you outline- what a breath of fresh air. There is nothing in a bottle or a powder that can make me as healthy as good food and rest after a hard workout. However, we are universally gullible. We believe that by taking whatever Arnold or anyone else sells us will make us look like Arnold. Nope. Steriods made him look like Arnold- along with endless hours of gym time. The question has far more to do with what kind of body we want for the life we live, and what work and food will get us there. BTW GNC is well-known for bad and fake products. You’re better off with a big salad than to ever walk into one of their stores.

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