Thanks Udi.

Thanks for your kind compliments.

I understand your point, although I wonder whether your last sentence is actually correct. Given that early man ate a fair bit of animal meat (if for no other reason than vegetables and fruits may not have been available year-round) I don’t know that I fully agree. However, I don’t think any of us really knows how we’ve evolved, and how the simply awful diet that we now consume out of convenience has changed us from our forebears. I’ve researched the NatGeo book on Blue Zones, and even that offers up advice that some research indicates isn’t particularly positive. But therein lies the problem. Where there is research, we also have to ask who pays for it. All of us have to do our own research on our own bodies. Each of us individually has a different requirement as a result of genetics or a particular environmental condition. I would hesitate- and this is just me- to make any huge, sweeping assumption about the world’s population. For example, the most northern living tribes of Inuit in Greenland subsist primarily on meat. It would be beyond arrogant for me or anyone else to dictate to them, who have been living off sea life for centuries, that they live on a plant-based diet. It’s simply not available to them. So while I get what you’re saying, and I understand your point, my very far-ranging travels and interactions with folk in some pretty extreme places tends to offer me a slightly different perspective. When you and I say “we,” and we try to include some eight billion souls on earth, it might behoove us to consider that the conditions under which a great many of them live are vastly different from what you and I encounter. Such as this. The shit that Western Countries and others peddle as “food” which is nothing more than chemicals masquerading as edible snacks are an insult to the body, but many of us, and I am included, do better when I consume lean meats. In all of Nature, we eat each other. All of us. Or we die. That’s how we’re designed. Do I agree that we raise far too much cattle? of course I do. But to say wholesale the vast majority should not eat meat? I disgree. Gently, and with respect, but I disagree. And, kindly, Chimps, like humans,hunt for and eat meat. For them, perhaps 8% of their diet or so, but they are omnivores. It’s a complex and difficult topic, and you and I would likely agree on how fishing strips the ocean of its bounty both for now and for the future (especially huge tuna) but I would offer, as someone who has always supported zero population growth, that there are too many of us, and the way we raise food has also got a great deal to do with what’s wrong with the earth. But that’s a huge topic, as you well know.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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