Thanks kindly. I’ve offered a few very minor suggestions in the PMs. If you quoted me the only thing I might suggest is to give me credit for that quote if you’re okay with that.

The other thought I had is that so often parents try to live vicariously through their kids, and force them to be or live the way they could not. this robs the kids of their agency and right to self-actualize. A superb version of this is told with great sadness in Dead Poet’s Society when a young boy who badly wants to be an actor is bullied by his father, and ends up taking his life.

I think so many of us don’t realize how we rob our children of their right to find their own expression of success when we shove at them to succeed at, whatever, sports or medicine or whatever WE might have wanted for ourselves. Khalil Gibran said it best, that our children are arrows that we send out. We cannot, do not have the right to cripple them. Use any of that you like. thank you! Back to work!

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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