Thanks, Jeanne. It’s such a truism that the waves of our lives ebb and flow, deliver and take away, and that grace comes to those of us who receive the gifts as they arrive, let go of them as they leave, which makes room for the next gifts.

Today I went to my local VA clinic, where I found out that I had torn my quad, and my bicep tendon is irritated. These are takeaways. I have time to heal, rebuild, and plan anew. Patience is the gift. At this age, I am so willing to simply see what happens. The urgency is gone. By god I will heal, but in the Universe’s time, not mine. I am immensely grateful for a superbly strong body that carries me forth even as I quietly acknowledge the stamps of Time on my face, my body, my skin, my soul. The greatest of those gifts is the calm recognition that I too will pass, and in the meantime can still enjoy so very much of what there is to enjoy. That includes badass adventures (three planned this year). And, time to reflect, soothe the pissed off body parts and invite them back to health. There are times to be down. To be up. To be on an amazing horse. To play in bed with a gorgeous man. And times simply to do nothing at all, especially wasted in worrying what others think, or whether I’m “killing it.” To let go of the need to constantly kill it, in fact, Jeanne, is part of what being in my sixties has given me. I kill it more often now than ever before because one wave deposited a really nice gift: I don’t frankly much give a shit what most other people think about how I live my life. In our twenties, we really, really do care. That allows me to kill it on my terms, in my unique way. Wish I’d had that earlier but honestly,, I wonder if anyone really does. Sporting a few grey hairs (which Clairol took care of yesterday, speaking of killing something) might at times be useful. Or not, but maybe. Thanks for your comment.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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