Thanks for your comments, Moshe. Let me respond to this highlighted paragraph. I write more extensively elsehwere — as I would need to- to discuss post concussion syndrome. You might have the impression that I’m cavalier; hardly. I take those injuries very seriously, and as soon as I knew I had an issue I threw my journalist’s heart into researching, studying, and exploring all the options. I investigated a broad variety of options and doctors. The medical community threw pills at me ( the very pills which were causing me terrible grief and exacerbating the symptoms) and no other answer, so I turned my back on them. They are largely clueless. I have found protocols that work, and take that work very, very seriously. I make jokes about myself because I am my favorite target. However that doesn’t mean I’m not deadly serious about taking care of my brain, and ensuring that to the best of my abilities I protect my head as well as I can. I don’t share your desire to avoid activities which might cause damage; as a passionate horsewoman I am not going to give up riding or kayaking or anything else. I pays my money and I takes my chances. I have no family and no responsibilities to anyone other than to ensure that my bills are paid when I expire so that whatever I have left ends up in the right places. Like you, I work out regularly, but I use it to do what I love to do. I have written other articles about the importance of having a purpose most especially late in life- to me the front porch rocking chair is a death sentence. I admire your commitment to health. WE all have so much more to give at this age. This morning I was out running 3600 steps, and am increasing my workload to climb Mt. Kenya this November. That’s my short term goal. As for my head, well, what has happened has happened. But if I pay the ultimate price for my love of horses and sport, then the best possible thing that can be said is that I departed doing what I love to do. And I would wish that on anyone. Thanks so very kindly for your comments. I enjoyed reading them.

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