Thanks Edie, however if I may. Pieces that I write which are my opinion are identified as such so that there is no question. Your article comes across as statements of fact speaking for all people. And no, not all Medium articles are opinion, certainly not in my reading and in the time I’ve been on it. I read plenty that are news and research pieces. Even in those, Edie, writers are mindful to identify where they are opining, which is a courtesy to Dear Reader.

As someone who is a prize winning journalist and author, and I have not only been held by my editors but also continue to hold myself to a very high level of journalistic standards, I’ve been deeply troubled by the trend to present opinion as fact. Fox does this all the time. This moves the writer from being a reporter to stating their opinion, which in and of itself is fine, but needs to be clearly stated. You and I have that sacred right to our opinion. But we may not speak for others, not only because we are clueless, but also because this disrespects the reader.

It is a very common conceit for a writer, and this is an actual case from Medium, to state that for me to be creative, I HAVE to be listening to music. Based on what? What a piece of idiocy. This writer speaks for his reality, which is his perfect right, but he has no right to impose his version of reality on me or any other Dear Reader. This kid sets himself up as guru to us all rather than clearly stating that “this works for me.” That’s useful. Then it comes across as suggestion than an imperative.

I am only offering my opinion, based on a long and fairly good career as a writer, Edie. In your response you made yet another sweeping statement which has no basis in fact, which is that most pieces on Medium are opinions. Without a reference to research, this is also your opinion, and not a fact. Where is the proof of this? That’s my point. If you can’t offer proof, it is an opinion, but people all too often consume opinions as fact. It’s where we are today with too many reading at the fifth grade level. That makes folks gullible, and it throws the gauntlet to us as writers to be that much more personally responsible for stating where we are opining, and then providing research or links where we are offering facts.

You and I can agree to disagree, which is perfectly fine. But writing is a high art and a real craft. To do it well requires a wholly different mindset and a respect for the reader. That’s all. The invitation is to do better, respect your reader and understand the difference. But that’s just me.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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