Tesia, you could take this fundamental truth and splash it all over our beliefs about weight (if only I were skinny-more muscled etc) our looks (if only I were more handsome, prettier) our toys (if only I drove a Beemer) the list is endless. Absolutely nothing — including travel- fixes our shit. It will stink behind makeup, muscles and a muscle car. However those beliefs drive our economy, because our economy counts on the notion that my iPhone(car, home, toys, plastic surgery) will change my life, make me more attractive and popular. Um, no. Not if you’re a right a**hole it won’t. That shit is there for a reason. We learn to negotiate a truce with it. Learn from it. Dance with it, if need be. And ultimately have a good belly laugh at it. Because my shit is VERY much like everyone else’s, and half the time other folks think that the shit they carry is ever so much worse than everyone else’s. And that, in the end, is what makes this such a gorgeous Cosmic joke. We’re all in it together, like it or not. Sometimes I swear the whole point of life is to find our funny bones.

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