All due respect to your points but please kindly understand that you make some assertions here which are not only outdated but now are patently wrong and misleading. Exercise is NOT a diet program. And obese people can indeed be incredibly fit. I totally support your assertions about KETO, which is a diet designed exclusively for hard to treat epileptic children. That said, kindly please be careful about making assertions that sound like being obese is a choice of lazy people and that all you have to do is work hard. Not only is that not true at all, it also feeds the notion that obesity is a choice. Nobody signs up for that willingly. It's far, far more complex. Please see:

I'm a very serious athlete, and I've been obese, and nobody could have accused me of being lazy when I was heavy. Changing my food intake was just part of it, but it's a deeply complex issue that has everything to do with what (mostly) American food companies have been putting on our shelves for years. I am sensitive that we don't perpetuate cruel and very unkind stereotypes.

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