You have every right to your opinion, which I honor. By the same token you appear to completely my the point. However that is your perfect right. I appreciate that you like my writing, and I also appreciate feedback, which I also take seriously. I am no marketer, and don’t stand to gain by using what you call “sensationalism” in your comment. With respect, Big Food markets chemicals as food- which is my point. Of course I have an opinion about this, and I have also done considerable research. If I listed everything the whole article would be little more than a series of links.

Kindly, you do not have to agree with me (I vehemently dislike the notion that disagreement is tantamount to “gaslighting,” which is ridiculous). If you don’t understand where I hope to take the reader, that’s also perfectly fine. However that doesn’t make the piece either all opinion or an attempt to be sensational. Given that so many of us eat shit masquerading as food (which it isn’t, and can also be toxic for certain bodies) then your (forgive me here) overly-simplistic generalization that if it’s food it can’t be toxic doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

I want people to think. Sometimes a title is intended, as Udi points out, to get someone to think WHAAAAT? And read. You haven’t been on Medium very long, Steven, and that isn’t a slam but simply an observation. Bad titles don’t get readers. Any journalist (and I am a prize winning one as well as a prize winning author) knows that a good title gets eyeballs. Otherwise we are dead in the water. Some of my best writing on here never got eyeballs because my titles sucked. That’s life. That’s also perfectly fine.

In the future, and this is offered again with respect, if you are going to offer criticism, what gets respected most is when you also offer up either links, or research, or something that validates your take. Otherwise it comes across as a bit of a cheap shot, which I don’t think you intended.

And kindly, I just committed about twenty minutes on a very busy day to respect your input. This is not a slam or criticism. It is an invitation to be a bit more thoughtful in your feedback, for when you are, those of us who genuinely care about our readers, and I do, we take it seriously. And we often make changes because something got pointed out that we didn’t see. That’s the honorable exchange that Medium is hoping to engender, and which I very much wish to model. Thanks for your comments.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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