Sorry, I should have been more specific. That’s the number of views, not followers, and of course that metric-as you experienced- is what pays us. I feel precisely the same way, SLV. I’ve seen the numbers drop and fall in the kind of law-comformable events like the onset of Covid, then Memorial Day, then the fatigue at the end of summer. But this is insane, and it is absolutely in lock step with the tinkering on the site. I got up almost to a living wage before Covid, and was well on my way back after I redirected and found new lanes. Then, whammo! I’ve been paddling hard, no change, if anything my writing is better and I produce more.

I wrote my publisher this morning (Illumination) and he reported that you and I are in good company. Even our curated articles aren’t getting eyeballs. So something they did threw a wet blanket on our visibility those who like our stuff. That’s my (very) uneducated guess. I don’t bother to check the stats very often. It’s such bad news that it might derail my motivation. :[-(

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