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Going Grey and Going Fast: Ensuring a Long Healthy Life in an Overmedicated Society

Julia E Hubbel
9 min readNov 4, 2018


She is moving out. Fast.

She’s tied her shoes, and she’s off to the races.

Slim, grey, pretty. Walking at speed in her sneaks. Clearly brimming with health and vitality. Waves at folks along the way. Damn, girl.

Wouldn’t all of us grey gals want to look like that- the body of a woman much younger. All that energy.

Then she walks into Walgreens.

This of course is a Walgreens’ commercial.

It’s about where you and I can get our drugs. Our fixes. The toxic crap that ruins our minds, our bodies, our health.

by Trey Gibson on Unsplash

Here’s my problem with this:

Women like this Duracell Battery Bunny Girl don’t tend to take lots of drugs.

If anything, they eschew them. I certainly do, as much as humanly possible.

Yesterday morning I was out doing stairs at our gorgeous outdoor amphitheater, Red Rocks. I am within two days of leaving for Africa where I plan to summit Mt. Kenya, which is 17,058'. Since early July when I made the commitment, I’ve hiked and run some 78,000 stairs at 6200' here close to Denver. Run untold miles. Hit the gym for untold hours.

In many ways I AM that older chick. I have that energy, born of hours of exercise. Lots of greens and good air. I will be 66 in mid-January. On my birthday I am heading out for a month in Indonesia to sail the spice islands.

However when I wander into my local Walgreens, I am there to pick up mouthwash. Bandaids. Or bags of Blue Almonds on sale. (Walgreens runs a half price special on those suckers and I load up for bear).

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For far too many of my fellow females (and males, let’s be fair) over sixty, life is a litany of pills.

What you and I might otherwise consider “safe” drugs, over-the-counter meds for…



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