Shaunta, perhaps what annoys me the most about this is that some expert(s) for whom said schedule works for them assumes, natch, of course, said experiences are applicable to us all. What horseshit. I wake up at 3 am every day. That’s when my body Just. Wakes. Up. I don’t need an alarm (and yes at times it pisses me off royally). For whatever reason, from about four years ago, that’s the new norm. For all I know, in my next decade I will sleep til 10 am. I am an early bird, always have been, but 3 am? Look, our bodies are so eloquent. They tell us what we need. To your point, there are so many factors which go into our daily rhythms. Age, exercise, demands, work, it’s endless. The sacred journey is who am I and what I do need now, as opposed to some mindless advice about waking up early when, in fact, you and your body do NOT necessarily ascribe to this? Today I was up at 3. Criminy. But that’s when I write the best. At least for now. I have trouble with any absolutes of any kind that attempt to dictate success for the masses. What tripe. Your point-enough sleep- you got it. What that looks like for any of us as individuals is as unique as our fingerprints.

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