Shannon, as someone who has been obese, but not morbidly so, I share a fair amount of your history. I have recently been doing some interesting research which may not may not interest you. The piece that you and I share deeply is the emotional quotient. I just read about, and ordered the book Unlearn Your Pain (see It may or may not be of interest. There is a massive industry that banks on our inability to heal ourselves. This book goes 180 degrees in the other direction. I am waiting for it to land. I am no longer obese but I have migraines, LOTS of them, and other problems from a list of 33 that he argues, convincingly, can be traced back to learned neuropathways. For what it’s worth. The other is Dr. Sylvia Tara’s groundbreaking (for me) book The Secret Life of Fat, which was hugely informative, especially as to why it is so damned hard to keep the weight off once we have lost it. I hope this is of value. Thanks for your articles.

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