Sean, I would imagine that given the future we are all facing I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a greedy nation tried this again. Countries have been fabricating all kinds of ludicrous justifications to steal, rape, murder and conduct a scorched earth policy since time began, as long as it suits their purpose to do so. Any country hungry or thirsty enough, or avaricious enough, will use religious superiority or military might or physical characteristics to justify brutality to get what it thinks it deserves while all the s0-called patriots cheer back home. As in, let’s claim some government has weapons of mass destruction and then justify an invasion, which as a great deal more to do with regional influence and access to oil reserves than any genuine proof. When faced with loss of what we perceive as our right to the “good life” (even if that so called good life has been earned off the backs and losses of others) we Western nations are all for fighting for what we think is ours. The problem with that is that as huge international power is shifting and India and China build both their economic power and military strengths, that argument is not going to hold as much sway as before. The more educated, the more economically powerful a nation gets, the less likely it is to tolerate being used as a dumping ground or to have its treasure siphoned off for others’ use while its own people starve and wither. International politics are likely to shift dramatically. At some point, and this still gives me hope, there is going to have to be a very challenging discussion about how to — fairly — distribute the world’s wealth as it pertains to water and food. We tried this with climate change and saw who backed out and for what reasons. In the coming world, I rather doubt that that’s going to (pardon the pun) hold much water with Nations faced with extinction, and those tired of being the world’s whipping boys. I can’t say what’s coming, but whatever it is, there will be real opportunity for all of us to discover what being a world citizen is like. We already are, but often refuse to acknowledge it. Every time you light up a Cuban, put on Italian shoes, eat Swiss chocolates, bite into a Chilean peach out of season, you are a world citizen. It’s a VERY small world with deep interconnectedness, as we see with every trade tariff imposed. Someone we know gets hurt. That is the way of life. There are no winners in any kind of war. Only desolation, death and disease. As a veteran I see this a little differently than those who haven’t worn the uniform. My abiding hope is that as we make our tentative way into the world that is coming, more will see reason for sharing rather than shoring up their military. But given the nature of many, I don’t think that will be the first impulse. Our first impulse is to protect what we think is “ours”, and then go take where we can to build our stores. Just look at the history of the Vikings (March 2017 Nat Geo cover story) if you want a reference for what happens to a nation subjected to extreme deprivation-and what they did about it. Thanks for your comments. Very thoughtful. BTW pardon the late response, I failed to publish this when I first wrote it.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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