Powerful stuff, Dr. P. I wonder how many of our so-called Justice Warriors would squirm mightily in their bloomers in the face of such conversations. I've had more than a few of those this year. There is so much to be gained from having the chance to navigate shark-infested waters together, rather than fight over the damned life raft.

I have found this year that being willing to explore the open nerve endings that have been exposed, to hear the truths that my Black friends speak, and to have those truths become my truths as well, have all gone a very long way towards not only the furthering of my education but also the deepening of my already rich regard and respect for my Black sisters. It comes as no surprise that all but one of my closest female Black friends has a PhD.

I am drawn to brilliance, and I am deeply drawn to excellence in all its forms. Permission to be in the presence of that is earned, as is the right to continue to engage and befriend.

We demonstrate excellence in a lot of ways, not just intellectually. So much of what's possible is based on our willingness to be porous. That porosity allows growth, and it allows connectivity.

Thanks for a great piece.

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