Penny, forgive my leaping in here. But this is precisely the prison that major corporations wish us to exist within. That you and I or anyone else (I’m also 66) would be thinking about or consumed by how “young” we look is exactly what ages us faster than anything else. While I’m not retired, I might offer that finally, at this point, many of us are free- as you state- to do and be what we actually came here to be. My god. What fun to STOP harassing ourselves about what we cannot possibly stop. Time. And, hopefully we can embrace what time we do have as the gift it is. That indeed is wisdom. What makes you and me and anyone else attractive and desirable at this age has far less to do with how youthful we look but how much joy we have in life. How much we laugh. How hard we work on our character. Because we all age, we all die, but not all of us do both WELL.

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