One more note here, Russell. I can only speak for myself. If an older guy is attracted to a younger woman, why on earth is this such a big deal as long as she is of the age of consent? When I was in my twenties I dated men some twenty years older. I know the attraction. That also goes both ways. To your point, this is precisely what I find offensive. If people are old enough, and they choose to be together, then kindly whose goddamned beeswax is it? Who put anyone else in the position of Moral Arbiter of what’s appropriate?When so called “pious cults” marry off twelve year olds to men in their forties and call it God’s will, I have an issue. If she instead CHOOSES when she’s 18 to be with a guy in his fifties, that’s another. Same for older women, younger men. Besides, in the largest sense, who can possibly know what transpires between two partners whose minds we can’t fathom? None of my beeswax. This society is so obsessed with morality and sex and yet one of our biggest exports is porn, which brutalizes the young, male and female. Nuthin’ healthy about that. But I digress. I value the discussion.

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