On one hand, largely useful information. On the other, since I write about fitness and health, here’s my take. First, any time you or anyone else decides to make food recommendations, we have the responsibility to state right up front that each of us MUST understand what our unique bodies can or cannot have. This really hits home hard for me as someone who found out this year that a great many of the foods you listed here are damned dangerous for me. Nuts, spinach, seeds, legumes, the list is endless. Why? Because I form oxalate kidney stones, the most common kind, and I am hardly alone. Not only that but I’m a hemophiliac, so onion, garlic, turmeric are out of the question. I am hardly alone. Anyone on a blood thinner can’t eat that stuff either. Grains and I don’t get along at all, as many of us have discovered. Not only that, given that I have interstitial cystis, I can’t eat citrus, acidic foods, anything fermented, all of which are critical to a healthy microbiome.

Each of us, particularly as we are increasingly exposed to environmental, toxins and pollutants and plenty else, need to be a bit more mindful that we take these things into account. OUr bodies change, and each of us is born with some proclivities that we discover over time, like lactose intolerance.

While I can only speak for myself, this I do know: if you and I have the conceit to write about what's healthy, we must also have the simple common sense to recommend to Dear Reader to do the research as it applies to their unique bodies, metabolism, disease propensity. As a very serious athlete, I need good fuel. Many of the best sources for said fuel are no longer available to me, because as with all of us, age, evolution, unique circumstances mean that all things do not work for all people. The foods I can eat these days are strictly limited, otherwise I will get pretty ill. That's no fun but I refuse to end up hospitalized with kidney stones.

Food is medicine is food. For some, certain foods are toxic. Given that, my respectful request is that you advise your readers to do their due diligence. Some foods can maim or kill, while for others they deliver vibrant health. There is no one size fits all, and even though we may know what works in Blue Zones, that does not mean that what works there is likely to work for us.

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