Not just permission. Perhaps far more importantly it’s freedom from the self-imposed prison of helplessness that the fire hose suck of viciousness forces upon us. Which is why I do not use YouTube, Facebook Instagram or even watch the nightly news. That allows me to concentrate upon, and touch, those people and events over which I have direct influence. Which, given that we all touch hundreds of thousands of people in a lifetime, is one hell of a lot. And, I might posit, since I can see the benefit of my influence, makes me both feel useful and grateful for what I have to offer. If I hide inside and drink the Koolaid of ugliness as the only knowledge I have of the world, I have stunted both my growth and my belief that I do indeed have power and influence. I don’t have to be Ghandi or Mandela to change a life. I just have to have the courage to shut that shit down, get outside and get busy. Locally, intimately, with the lives I touch right now, right here, this very minute. Of such efforts true and real change are made. Not weeping that I am not Supergirl. Great article. Thank you.

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