None of the above, Jeff. The stats I was able to track down were across the board, all ages, genders, etc, and simply stated that some 81% of ALL folks lie about something on their profiles. That would of course include that some fudge a tiny bit, some lie enthusiastically about everything ( I think I had coffee with a lotta those). I also did a bit of sleuthing and found out that 85% of people lie on their resumes. So you could, reasonably or unreasonably ( depending on how you and I choose to dance with the numbers) say that we as a society apparently have a wee bit of trouble with the truth- forgive me while I fall off my chair here- when it comes to describing ourselves to the hapless hopefuls who might wish to rent out our company on dates or hire us for a while. That of course begs a whole, rich and lively other discussion set about our relative insecurities, which of course is a helluva lotta fun. Witness my most recent ex, who at 17 years younger at 51 not only looks like he's thirty (okay I hate him) but felt the need to lie about his age on his profile. He hardly needed to.

You could also-reasonably or unreasonably, pick apart anyone's stats, with good cause, but since I'm no statistician, I take what I can find and use it. To make a point, natch. Whether or not I'm right is anyone's guess. But given that I know my otherwise lovely cousin Bette, when she wrote her profile, described herself as a happy-go-lucky person who is cheerful all the time, well, Jeff. I've never met a more embittered person who cannot get off the nut that her long dead husband let her down, blah blah. That of course begs ANOTHER discussion, a good one, about how very little we know ourselves. Which begs this (and we come full circle here) I might write something, as Bette did, in my profile I absolutely believe is true. And I genuinely have no clue that I'm a reeking asshole. But my version of me is what I describe. Where then is the dishonesty, I wonder? Although, and I think this goes more to your point, if I list my age as 57 and I am indeed 67, or I list my body type as Athletic and Toned and I refuse to exercise more than my index finger to work a remote, that's blatant dishonesty.

Not limited to any gender. Like you I don't much like blanket statements. Billions of shades of grey out there, which you as an attorney know all too well. We have terrible difficulty functioning in the functionally clueless, which is effectively our human state. But that's just me.

Answer your query?

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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